1. "Go to the mattresses." "Mohnday, Tuesday, Thursday, WINSday." - You’ve Got Mail

  2. You Got Mail: Ghetto version of You’ve Got with Tracy Morgan playing Tom Hank’s role… Ya, my mind works weird.

  3. Wow… I’m going to India…

  4. POOOOOOOOL! I’m going to miss you…

  5. POOOOOOOOL! I’m going to miss you…

  6. They forgot our order at Buz n Neds… So hungry. Must. Eat. Watch out, RVA. Everett’s hungry!

  7. Last day in the office. Last full day in America. Last time I’ll get to drink cow milk for a while. HELLO YAK MILK!

  8. DoIt! Just got my packing all done in around two hours. Have two backpacks for three months. This Thursday, goodbye RVA. Hello, India!

  9. Ugh. Rain. Why? RVA

  10. "I want a girl with a short skirt and a looooooooooong jacket." *enter catchy bass line* - Cake